Prom and Homecoming


Prom night is one of the days you look forward to in your high school experience, a night every girl has been waiting for.

Let The Prom Shop in Finleyville help you with your memorable night.

If you’re looking for show-stopping dresses that you will love and feel amazing in... We can help.

We register every dress we sell for each high school so you will be the only one with that dress. We won’t sell your dress at all to your school- in any color. We maintain a confidential list of all dresses to each High School. Promise Guaranteed!!

With new dresses weekly during prom season, we'll always have a variety of exciting styles to choose from.


Homecoming is a dance where you get to wear fun short dresses. You dress up in elegant, fun and dazzling dresses, take pictures and dance the night away.

In search of the Perfect Homecoming dance then ...Look No Futher

The Prom Shop in Finleyville has stunning designer dresses that wontbreak the bank. We carry a wide selection of styles that make our dresses suitable not only for school but for othet functions as well.

Again... Imagine Finding the Perfect Dress.....And then Paying Less